tmsr PhotoBuddies gifts are Gifts of Happy, just for the sheer Happy of it.

Share your own Memory Games and Image Sliders using your photos. Digital watercolors of fun characters with your photo for print.

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We’ll create your memory game, image slider, or Watercolor Buddy and send you a link to your webpage.

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You’ll have a Gift of Happy to share with your family and friends wherever they may be!

Example of a memory game with several tiles turned over

Spread a little pixie dust of “happy” with our games and watercolor buddies using your photos.

Gifts for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, grandkids, grandparents, friends, lovers, those special in your life – including you!

Young girl twirling and looking at her watercolor buddy, an alpaca

Get going with your Gifts of Happy

Our Showcase of Inspiration

Once you see a few ideas, the possibilities are endless

Play our games to envision your own photo sets in action!

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View Our Showcase
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